Mr. Nguyen Thuong Tuong Minh

FPT Smart Cloud

Product Director of FPT.AI


Mr. Nguyen Thuong Tuong Minh is currently working at FPT Smart Cloud as the FPT.AI Product Development Manager. During his 10 years of dedication at FPT, he was the one who laid the foundation for the development of the comprehensive Artificial Intelligence Platform FPT.AI. FPT.AI's solutions, such as Multilingual Smart Conversation (Chatbot), Vietnamese Call Center Virtual Assistant solution (Voicebot), Automatic image recognition and extraction (OCR), Online Customer Identification (eKYC),... are currently being used by many of Vietnam's Top 100 largest enterprises, including Vietnam Airlines, SSI, Honda, AIA, and so on. At the same time, more than 50,000 developers use the platform on a regular basis, with more than 200 million users per year, bringing value to more than 11 million end-users.